Continuous Monitoring

Today, continuous monitoring using low-cost sensors is a highly efficient environmental management strategy in urban and industrial areas, complementing official monitoring networks for better decision-making.

Our PARTICULAS professionals have more than 16 years of experience in monitoring air quality and meteorological variables, and we have close collaboration with major US companies and laboratories, such as AirThinx, RTI International (RTI), and the Desert Research Institute (DRI)


For customers looking for personalized air pollutant detection, Airthinx PRO offers a sophisticated, state-of-the-art solution for real-time and continuous monitoring of air quality in outdoor and harsh indoor environments. Airthinx PRO is always connected and collecting data, using built-in artificial intelligence to enable early detection of critical events such as forest fires, gas emissions, and air pollution episodes.

AirThinx PRO is a professional device. It has state-of-the-art, fully calibrated and integrated sensors to accurately monitor and detect fourteen air quality parameters on site.

By combining the powerful Airthinx processor with artificial intelligence, Airthinx PRO provides accurate and reliable data acquisition and analysis.

AirThinx PRO has an independent and self-sufficient connected system that uses 3G / 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mesh to connect the device to the cloud, without the need for a local network.

Each Airthinx PRO includes 3 or 6 particle sensors, high precision environmental sensors, a sound pressure sensor and up to seven gas sensors to choose from. Choose the right gas sensors for your specific situation and get the data you need with the quality and precision of an Airthinx solution.

Built-in connectivity allows data to be sent to the cloud wirelessly, where it is analyzed using AI and ML. The smart alert system is activated when risks are identified, such as increasing levels of toxins (natural gas, chemicals in the air, etc.) or smoke that can indicate the risk of fires.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, Airthinx continually makes valuable predictive information available so that users can identify events such as leaks and other environmental hazards before they occur. This detailed and accurate information is available anytime, anywhere through the Airthinx console, a fully hosted web application for end users to perform real-time tracking and historical analysis of captured data.

Our company PARTICULAS offers the mining and industrial sector a comprehensive service for monitoring and managing Indoor Air Quality with the best IoT AirThinx platform.


More than 16 years of national and international experience.

Experts in air quality with a PhD or Master's degrees.

Personalized service.

We are part of Huella Chile.

We are part of the Global Pact Chile.

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We have strong collaborative ties with important international institutions.

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