Continuous monitoring

Today, environmental regulations for emissions control are becoming more demanding, and companies must fully comply with their commitments in the Environmental Qualification Resolutions (RCA), at the same time that companies are continually supervised by the Environmental Superintendencies.

Continuous Air Quality Monitoring and Reportability Service.

At PARTICULAS we are aware of the critical importance of monitoring air quality to protect both the environment and public health.

With more than 16 years of experience and collaborations with world-renowned institutions, we offer an unmatched continuous air quality monitoring service with our advanced PARTICULAS-MIMAire® platform.


PARTICULAS-MIMAire® is a sophisticated, cutting-edge solution for real-time monitoring of air quality in harsh outdoor and indoor environments. Using artificial intelligence, our platform provides early detection of critical events, such as forest fires and gas emissions, allowing a rapid and effective response. It is perpetually connected to the best sensors available, guaranteeing accurate and reliable data at all times.

Accurate and personalized monitoring

Our service enables the accurate identification and measurement of common contaminants, helping companies comply with environmental regulations and protect the health of their workers and surrounding communities. Monitoring equipment connected to our platform includes Thermo ADR 1500, Thermo pDR1500, and GRIMM for the mining sector, and e-Sampler, e-BAM, and KUNAK for areas with lower pollution.

Valuable predictive information.

Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, PARTICULAS-MIMAire® offers continuous predictive information, allowing users to identify environmental risks before they occur. This information is available anytime, anywhere through the PARTICULAS-MIMAire® console, a fully hosted web application.

Implementation of control measures

We advise companies on the implementation of efficient control measures, ensuring that these are not only efficient but also effective, providing a safer and healthier work environment.

Application areas

Our service covers various areas, from unpaved mining roads, crushing and grinding processes, to storage piles and tailings dams, ensuring complete control over emissions.


With our continuous monitoring service, your company will not only comply with environmental regulations, but also demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Protect the health of your workers, improve your corporate image and ensure the sustainable future of your operation with our continuous emissions monitoring service.

Advantages of working with Particles.

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