Emissions Inventory

With over 16 years of experience in environmental management and atmospheric pollution control, we specialize in the development and estimation of emissions inventories, a crucial tool for informed decision-making and achieving environmental objectives.

What is an Emissions Inventory?

An emissions inventory is a detailed compilation of all sources of atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gases in a specific geographical area over a set period of time. It is essential for strategic environmental planning, both for companies and the public sector.

Our Services

Data Collection, Processing, and Validation

We use advanced methodologies to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information collected on atmospheric emissions.

Comprehensive Databases

We develop complete databases that include emission factors and activity levels by sectors and pollutants.

Spatial Analysis with GIS

We implement Geographic Information Systems for advanced visualization and analysis of emissions data.

Advanced Emissions Modeling

We characterize emissions spatially and temporally using models such as WRF/SMOKE, allowing for detailed analysis and accurate predictions.

Customized Surveys

We conduct detailed surveys, such as for the inventory of emissions from residential wood combustion.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure that all inventories comply with current regulations, such as DS138/2005.

Our Methodology

Our approach integrates specialized software such as MOVES, NONROAD, COPERT, LandGem, TANKs, SMOKE, MEGAN (biogenic emissions), and BiomassBurning. We follow best practices in the creation of emissions inventories, backed by our vast experience in estimating emissions from various sources, including fixed, mobile, areal, and biogenic sources.

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