CFD Modeling and Simulation

Process simulation is a dynamic and intuitive tool to understand, predict, and optimize an industrial process, especially to analyze fugitive emission control strategies.

Our PARTICULAS professionals have more than 7 years of experience in CFD modeling with ANSYS and OpenFOAM models. We have performed CFD modeling in different industrial sectors in Chile and Spain.

We offer a complete range of possibilities for your particular company, some examples of the application of this tool include:

Chemical industries: Centrifugal pumps, valves, cooling towers, mixing of miscible and immiscible liquids, flow in pipes in laminar and turbulent state. Biphasic flows in gutters and pulps.

Environmental engineering: Modeling and simulation of ventilation systems (Indoor Air), modeling and simulation of fugitive emissions capture and control systems, dispersion of gaseous and liquid pollutants in industrial effluents, temperature profile in closed sites. RILES flow. Prediction of HVAC systems.

Occupational safety: Simulation of safe areas in plants with high levels of gases and particulate matter.

The software used is OpenFOAM, which ensures that the company's staff will be able to continue working on the supervision of the implemented fluid-dynamic model.

We invite you to learn more about our personalized service carried out in Chile and Spain. Indeed, in Chile we have used modeling to control CO2, H2S and NH3 emissions in Spain, and control of particulate matter and HCl emissions in Chile, in such important companies as ESCO Elecmetal Ltda., SERPRAM S.A., Gold Fields Chile S.A., LABAQUA S.A., and Quimetal Induatrial S.A.


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