Emissions Reporting

The atmospheric emissions reporting is a mandatory requirement for owners or legal representatives of those companies that have point sources in their production processes and heating boilers. In this reporting, the Ministry of Health Office of each region must be informed annually, through the Single Window of the Pollutant Emissions and Transfer Registry (RETC in Spanish), all the identification and technical aspects of point sources together with the antecedents that allow the estimation of the emissions from these sources.

Our PARTICULAS professionals have more than 16 years of experience in air quality management and air pollution control. We want to be your strategic partner to help you in your emissions reporting within the deadlines established by current environmental legislation, allowing you the opportunity to comply with your environmental commitments, minimizing risks and maximizing your operating results.

We invite you to verify the status of the Atmospheric Emissions Reporting of each of your sources, and to know the reporting system established by the authority, in order to obtain improvements in the perspective of increasing the quality of your business and always generate value and environmental and economic sustainability.

Our specific work covers the Comprehensive Atmospheric Emissions Reporting and Use of the Single Window service according to DS138 / 2005 and Res.Ex. 15027. Among the activities we offer for this service include:

Identification of the sources to which the reportings DS138 and Res.Ex 15027 apply

Inscription of sources in the Registry of Sources and Processes

Evaluation and / or realization of the discharge diagram

Emissions reporting in the Single Registry of Atmospheric Emissions (RETC)

Emission monitoring reporting in the Single Registry of Atmospheric Emissions (RETC)

Emissions estimation to corroborate emissions calculated automatically on the platform

Delivery of a descriptive report of the reporting and emission estimation result, which is very useful for reviewing the annual affidavit.

We invite you to learn more about our personalized service carried out in companies as important as Anglo American, ESCO Elecmetal S.A., AquaChile.


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