MIMAire, Air Quality Forecast

How to anticipate before an air pollution crisis occurs in industrial and urban areas? Today Chile has defined the Critical Episodes Management system as a fundamental tool to improve air quality in various sectors, and at the same time, environmental requirements through the Environmental Qualification Resolutions of the Environmental Assessment Service (SEA ) requires companies to implement and operate air quality forecasting systems to avoid or reduce potential episodes of air pollution and ensure the health of communities and the environment. But companies need more accurate and flexible integrated forecasting systems that allow better decision-making.

At PARTICULAS, and in conjunction with the company MIMASOFT, we developed MIMAire, an intelligent and next-generation solution for meteorological and air quality forecasting, which allows warning of possible air pollution episodes up to 72 hours, making it possible to take decisions in an accurate and anticipated way.


Our integrated MIMAire platform has 3 simultaneous forecasting systems to always ensure the best service for our clients, that is: artificial intelligence model, advanced statistical model and high spatial and temporal resolution numerical model, as well as a synoptic and local weather forecast. For our clients, we develop and operate a dynamic emissions inventory that allows close collaboration with the operations area in order to improve forecast performance for better decision-making.

MIMAire has been successfully implemented at Anglo American’s Chagres Smelter (Modern technology for forecasting and air quality, El Mercurio de Valparaíso, October 7, 2020, page). This platform is also being implemented in CODELCO Ventanas Division.

MIMAire allows the client to have the following services:

Statistical analysis between meteorological variables and air quality, both synoptic and local.

Statistical analysis between continuous measurements of air quality emissions.

Meteorological modeling with assimilation of observations from surface and height meteorological stations.

Development of dynamic emissions inventories.

Weather and air quality forecast with artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

Weather and air quality forecasting with advanced statistical models.

Analysis of monthly or quarterly performance of forecasting models.

Emission control and regulatory compliance support.

Reports tailored to needs and automatable.

Identify critical environmental points generated by production processes.

Integrate information management tools.

It allows the development of a reliable and tailored strategic sustainability plan.

The constant information collected from the power supplies enables continuous, pattern and projective data to be obtained.

We invite you to learn more about our personalized service carried out in such important companies in the mining sector and for the Ministry of the Environment.


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